Inner Treasure Odyssey

You are a female entrepreneur with a strong desire to reach your highest potential? You want to break free from your inner critic and stop sabotaging your success? You are ready to finally experience the fulfillment you deserve in your life but don’t know where to start?

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”

Is there where you are right now?

“Something is wrong with me”; “I am not good enough”; “I need to make everything right, I should be more organized, eat healthier….”; “I have so many things to do, I don’t know where to start”

Self-doubt; Guilt; Overwhelm; Hopelessness; Unbalance

Procrastination; People-pleasing; Lack of self-care; Emotional eating

Self-sabotaging your full potential: Small results in your business and personal life; Overall dissatisfaction

Sounds a lot like you, right?

Tired of being stuck in this vicious circle of self-sabotage? Dreaming of the purposeful life and business you could get if only you had more self-confidence? Ready to get out of this vicious circle and step into your own power? Willing to accept that you need some guidance along the way?

“You are exactly at the right place! I created this program just for you! It’s part of my mission!”

How about this instead?

“I am worthy”; “ I am enough”; “I can trust myself”; “I am allowed to make myself a priority”

Self-confidence; Self-love; Balance; Clarity; Freedom; Desire for what is best for you

Take decisive and consistent actions; Prioritize self-care; Eat nourishing food that serves you

Living at your full potential, like the leader of your own life; Deep sense of pride and fulfillment; Achieving the big dreams you have for yourself and your business; Living an authentic and purposeful life

Sounds much better, right?

It’s ALL possible, with the Inner Treasure Odyssey, my signature program, which is going to take you from self-sabotage to self-confidence.

I’ll show you how!

Working with Tatyana has been a truly rewarding experience! My mindset really changed, allowing me to move forward in my life and to have solid foundations for the long-term. I now know how to make myself a priority, tame my inner critic and practice self-care on a daily basis. She showed me it is never too late to start working on yourself at a deeper level. Many thanks for your support and positivity all along the way!


I am very satisfied with the coaching program I followed with Tatyana. Her approach was customized to my individual needs and gave me a lot of freedom, while keeping me accountable with regular follow-up. All our sessions were really valuable and helped me strengthen my mindset and regain more balance in my life. It allowed me to surpass myself, which has a great impact on all aspects of my life. Don’t hesitate to start, you won’t regret it!

Céline P.

I feel much better and have regained control over my life, instead of constantly comparing myself to other people and waiting for their approval. I follow my needs and desires without fear, take time to take care of myself and focus on my priorities rather than wanting to do everything perfectly. Many thanks Tatyana!


Here’s why I do this work!

I created the Inner Treasure Odyssey when I realized that so many female entrepreneurs were struggling with their inner critic sabotaging their highest potential. These women would try to look for answers in psychology magazines or ask for feedback in women entrepreneurs web communities, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed. I’ve been confronted to this problem for many years and have found the solution, which might be very different from what you think… Here’s the story about how reconnecting with my inner treasure impacted my life so powerfully:

Born in a family where success was mandatory and failure not an option, I’ve always put a lot of pressure on myself to do things right: choosing the right career path, following the advices of successful people to the letter, eating the perfect food to stay in good shape, being very organized to produce a maximum of results in a short time….

I was always looking for answers outside of me to achieve this perfect life. But I couldn’t find anything and the more I was searching, the more discouraged and guiltier I felt, constantly judging myself for not being good enough.

It took me years caught up in this vicious circle to realize that the answer I always looked for was right there! Not in the outside world but inside, within me! I came across several mentors along my journey (and I know it was not by accident!) who really helped me reconnect with my inner treasure and trust my intuition. This allowed me to finally be true to myself and to embrace my imperfection.

I started to feel confident, empowered and ready to reach my fullest potential! I am still on the journey and even though it is made of highs and lows, I love it, it brings me so much pride and fulfillment and that’s my dream for you too!

My Inner Treasure Odyssey program is your solution!

What will you get?

  • 6 months of personalized support with me as your coach
  • 15 individual coaching sessions with me
  • 3 levels of transformation

    • Mindset: T sessions to work on your thoughts at a conscious level
    • Energy: E sessions to release emotional blockages at a subconscious level
    • Actions: A sessions to take actions towards the fulfilling business and personal life you deserve
  • Access to my “4 pillars to reach your highest potential” course content with audio trainings and workbooks to assist your learnings
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Welcome gift package
  • Exclusive bonus:

    • 2 individual sessions with 2 experts of your choice
    • Reference library of inspiring talks, books and podcasts
    • My magical success ritual to help you get the most of this program

Mind - Body - Heart - Soul Accountability - Simplicity - Freedom

Here’s how your life will look radically different after we work together:

You will finally stop searching for the perfect solution outside of you and self-sabotaging yourself!

You will instead be deeply reconnected to your inner treasure, gaining self-confidence and stepping back into your power to finally reach your highest potential and experience the fulfillment you truly deserve in your business and personal life!

Are you ready to experience this transformation?

Get started today for 1x 3800 € or 6x 750€!

Are you starting to be afraid?

What if I invest and fail? What if I am hopeless and nothing could ever change who I am? What will people think if I really step up and do this?

Then remember that…

F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal

Tatyana has a very caring and non-judgmental approach in her coaching sessions. She really helped me find solutions to my problems with personalized tools. The deep work we did together helped me change my bad habits and develop much more compassion for myself in all areas of my life. Many thanks for your support!


Apart from all her valuable advices, I really liked Tatyana’s personality. She had a lot of empathy and compassion, without ever judging me. She really cared about my wellbeing, always supportive but never forcing me to do anything and letting me progress at my own rhythm. She really gave me the drive to change and become a better version of myself. Many thanks for your help!


The fulfilling life you truly deserve is just 6 months away. Don’t wait another second to make it your reality!

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