I always thought everything needed to be complicated in order to work, but Tatyana showed me it is actually the opposite, and that the simplest strategies are the most effective ones! Thanks to her coaching program, I learned to love myself and to accept myself for who I am. I make myself a priority and take care of my body and mind without guilt. For example, simply developing the habit of massaging my body with oil every morning really helped me embrace my imperfection and let go of all the things I can’t control. I move forward at my own pace, without unnecessary pressure and with a focus on the journey rather than on the end result. All of this has a huge positive impact on my business and personal life!


Working with Tatyana has been a truly rewarding experience! My mindset really changed, allowing me to move forward in my life and to have solid foundations for the long-term. I now know how to make myself a priority, tame my inner critic and practice self-care on a daily basis. She showed me it is never too late to start working on yourself at a deeper level. Many thanks for your support and positivity all along the way!


Tatyana has a very caring and non-judgmental approach in her coaching sessions. She really helped me find solutions to my problems with personalized tools. The deep work we did together helped me change my bad habits and develop much more compassion for myself in all areas of my life. Many thanks for your support!


The first time I saw Tatyana, she made me feel really comfortable. I knew I could trust her and that she could help me go back on the right track. I made real progress and it was a pleasure to work with you!

Céline M.

I am very satisfied with the coaching program I followed with Tatyana. Her approach was customized to my individual needs and gave me a lot of freedom, while keeping me accountable with regular follow-up. All our sessions were really valuable and helped me strengthen my mindset and regain more balance in my life. It allowed me to surpass myself, which has a great impact on all aspects of my life. Don’t hesitate to start, you won’t regret it!

Céline P.

I feel much better and have regained control over my life, instead of constantly comparing myself to other people and waiting for their approval. I follow my needs and desires without fear, take time to take care of myself and focus on my priorities rather than wanting to do everything perfectly. Many thanks Tatyana!


Apart from all her valuable advices, I really liked Tatyana’s personality. She had a lot of empathy and compassion, without ever judging me. She really cared about my wellbeing, always supportive but never forcing me to do anything and letting me progress at my own rhythm. She really gave me the drive to change and become a better version of myself. Many thanks for your help!


Many thanks for always believing in me with support, encouragement, smile and guidance along the way!


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