Hello! I’m Tatyana, Masters in Biology, Certified Life and Intuitive Coach.

My mission is to help you become your n°1 priority so that you can speak and live your own truth. Give yourself the permission to be authentic and create time in your busy mom’s life to make your dreams come true for real.

Hey there wonderful women! Let me guess where you’re at right now and what’s in your heart…

You want to have a life where you feel proud and fulfilled?

You know you are not living at your fullest potential because of the constant critical voice in your head, the pressure you put on yourself to do everything right, the fear to be judged or to displease other people?

Deep down, you know you are meant for more, that one day your big dreams will become a reality?

You can’t wait for it to happen, but you are full of doubts and don’t know where to start?

And the more you try, the more exhausted and unbalanced you become, finding comfort in food or any other immediate pleasure, leaving you with a feeling of guilt and self-sabotaging?

I know exactly how it feels because I’ve been there too!

You didn’t come across this website by accident, I am convinced you are reading this because you were meant to find me. I know something powerful is happening inside of you at this exact moment, you are feeling called to step into your power and stop sabotaging yourself once and for all.

The time has come to break free from your inner critic and limiting beliefs, to make yourself a priority and to begin your journey towards your highest potential!

“You have nothing to prove, you have something to remember… you are enough”

I have dedicated my life to helping women like you because I know you are amazing and meant to achieve so much in this world, it’s who you are, and I promise you it can’t be otherwise! I am truly committed to help you reveal your Inner Treasure, finally letting go of your fears and self-sabotaging behaviors to become the leader of your own life, empowered, fulfilled and authentic! A real role model for your children!

But you feel like you need some help, right?

Enthusiastic and determined as you are, you probably implemented a lot of “plans” and “strategies” to be more effective and more balanced in your life but it doesn’t seem to change. And the more you try, the more discouraged you feel, caught up in the vicious circle of self-criticism, overwhelm and procrastination.

Why others are managing to stay consistent, and you don’t? What is wrong with you? Absolutely nothing, you can be relieved, you are perfect as you are. I can tell you definitely don’t need any complicated plans or strategies, you don’t need to do everything right or perfectly either, you just need some support and simple tools to reconnect to your intuition, change your limiting beliefs and prioritize your self-care.

With my scientific background, my personal experience as a mom in business and my strong intuitive insights, I am offering you a unique perspective. I teach you the exact steps of the journey I went through, that led me to reconnect to my inner guide, trust my intuition and follow my own path with freedom and empowerment!

I know the secrets to reach your highest potential and finally experience the fulfillment you truly deserve. And guess what? You have all the answers too! Ready to reveal your Inner Treasure and shed lights on these simple and powerful secrets?

“There is nothing to find. The seeker itself is the treasure”

Inner Treasure Odyssey

My signature program, The Inner Treasure Odyssey, was created for this specific purpose and provides you with a roadmap to a deep and long-lasting transformation with me to guide you and hold you accountable all along the way.

I always thought everything needed to be complicated in order to work, but Tatyana showed me it is actually the opposite, and that the simplest strategies are the most effective ones! Thanks to her coaching program, I learned to love myself and to accept myself for who I am. I make myself a priority and take care of my body and mind without guilt. For example, simply developing the habit of massaging my body with oil every morning really helped me embrace my imperfection and let go of all the things I can’t control. I move forward at my own pace, without unnecessary pressure and with a focus on the journey rather than on the end result. All of this has a huge positive impact on my business and personal life!


Many thanks for always believing in me with support, encouragement, smile and guidance along the way!


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